The Live Video Stream
Our wedding, streamed live over the Internet

The Results
August 17, 2002

Welcome to Arlo & Oksana's
"Taped" Wedding Stream

It worked! My inbox was full of the news that the live stream was received all over the U.S. (and maybe Canada!) I want to thank everyone for tuning in and making all our technical efforts worthwhile:

Julie Austin in Los Angeles, California
Bonnie & Bob Barcley in Houston, Texas
Ed & Val Midgett in Boone, N.C.
Chris Collins in Seattle, Washington
Liza Lavrushina in Washington, D.C.
Sandlin Preecs in Juneau, Alaska (only about 300ft away!)

Below are the unaltered Real Media files as they were streamed over the Internet. Soon, I hope to re-encode the ceremony to a better format (and try to eliminate what appears to be a dual-microphone echo.) Also, these links are not set up to stream yet. You will need to download to your computer before being able to play them back.

Clips have been removed pending a cleaner capture from video tapes

So, what's up with that audio? It seems like everyone had a deep, god-like voice in the videos posted above. I don't know what did that, but I checked the videotape and it sounds just fine on there. I can re-encode the ceremony, but unfortunately, the pre-ceremony test stream was never recorded in any other way. That's all we got.

Also, I'm actually pretty bummed out that the shot I'd set up with the camera didn't show Oksana and her father's procession down the aisle. In all the time I was searching for the best place to put the camera, it never once occured to me that the bridesmaids might be in the way. I wish that Jeff, our videographer, had made it to the ceremony. I was just too preoccupied with all the other details to concentrate on the just the video.

Below is the original information for the live stream.

Pre-ceremony Instructions
August 17, 2002

Welcome to Arlo & Oksana's
LIVE Wedding Stream

Our wedding is scheduled to start at 3pm Alaska time (7pm Eastern.), on Saturday, August 17th. We will enable the streaming video around 2:45pm. Click below to start the live stream.

Start the Live Stream (link removed)

We will be performing tests up until the ceremony. You may try connecting earlier to test your connection. Don't worry if you can't get a picture -- any number of things may be happening. Just try again after 2:45pm.

Remember: You will need to have the FREE RealOne Player installed on your computer. You can download it from -- Follow the links for the RealOne Player (get the FREE one!)

Be aware that there are many things that can go wrong and that we do NOT have someone available to troubleshoot the setup. If, for some reason, the computer crashes, the stream stops, or the camera battery dies, we will NOT be able to reconnect it during the ceremony. This is an all or nothing deal.

Don't worry, though. We're recording everything on tape and I promise to re-encode everything later and post it on our wedding webpage!

If you watch our wedding online (or even TRY to watch it), please send us an e-mail and let us know!