Bachelor's Party
Originally a method of communicating with the guys

Arlo Midgett & Oksana Kadachigova
August 9, 2002

Welcome to Arlo's Bachelor Party!

Between the end of work on Friday evening (Aug. 9th) and the beginning of work on Monday morning (Aug. 12th) myself and my friends plan to do a whole lotta computer gaming (and pizza eating and beer drinking and maybe just a little bit of sleeping!) Are you a virtual friend? You can still join us. We'll be setting up a webcam or, if we can pull it off, we'll be doing a streaming video test in preparation for doing the same for my wedding ceremony next week. Once the party starts, comes back to this page and check for links!

Connect up and say "hello!"
Check for Streaming Video
(Free RealPlayer required)

Start a Video Conference

Note that there is at least one change in plans! Joe Sears wasn't able to get broadband access installed at his condo in time so we've moved the LAN party to Barney and Karl's place. If you're in Juneau, it's easy enough to find: Drive onto Back Loop Road from Dehart's. Go just a little bit past the entrance to the university dorms and look for a little church on the left hand side of the road -- Take that turn! You'll need to drive maybe 200ft further before taking the first right turn. Barney's cabin will be at the very end of this road (park in the tiny cul-de-sac!) -- His cabin is at the end of a long boardwalk. Be careful hauling your computer, that boardwalk can be slippery!

Here's a map. If you can't figure it out, use a phone:
Karl - 790-xxxx
Joe - 723-xxxx

If you can't connect with the two links above, you might try to find me on MSN Messenger. You can add me to your contact list as: [email protected].

On the agenda:

Quake III Arena (Superheros mod)
Worms World Party (hotseat)
Axis and Allies (hotseat)
Neverwinter Nights
Midtown Madness ?
Need for Speed ?
Quake ?
Starcraft ?
Unreal Tournament ?

Maybe even a little frisbee golf if we actually decide to go outside...