Wedding Photos
A photo a day for 30 days

Arlo Midgett & Oksana Kadachigova
August 17, 2002

Oksana Kadachigova and Arlo Midgett

Oksana's Ring

Arlo and His Groomsmen

Underneath the Mendenhall Glacier

Cutting the Cake

Dancing for the bride's return

Best Man's Toast

Ketchikan High School Alumni

The Flower Girl

Toasting in the Limo

Oksana's Dress

The Wedding Party

Banished to the Utility Room to Await Her Rescue

Lunchtime Slideshow

The View from the Tram

Champagne for the Limo Ride

Posing for Picture #763

A Day at Magen's Bay

A Cappella Serenade

Posing with the IT Department

Lena and Oksana

Rafting the Mendenhall

First Dance

Honeymoon Suite

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Midgett

The Bride and Her Mother

Rob's Secret Handshake

Fun at the Reception

Scott Foster
The photographer for whom our thanks knows no bounds

The Duties of a Groomsman

Tequila Shots at the Rehearsal Dinner

Gorka! Gorka!

Just Married

Dinnertime View of St. Thomas

Noah Attempts to Finish Off the Cake

Enjoying St. Thomas

Oksana's Bridesmaids

The Bouquet Toss

Updating the Blog before the Ceremony

Nine photos taken simultaneously from nine disposible cameras