Our Gift Registry
Originally a method of communicating with our guests

Arlo Midgett & Oksana Kadachigova
August 17, 2002

Oksana and I have decided not to have a gift registry for our wedding.

We understand that this defies tradition, but let me attempt to explain our reasoning.

First, let me say that we are in complete agreement with each other on the fact that we would much rather have you attend our wedding than buy us gifts. Making the journey to Alaska is difficult enough and we don't think that wedding gifts should be a factor in that particular financial equation.

Second, while we may not be able to host a dinner party for twelve people, we are fairly satisfied with the amount of household items we already own. If we were just leaving home and, for the first time, starting our lives away from our parents, things might be different. As it is, we've both been living on our own for at least five years. Trust me, we've got the toasters and towels covered!

Finally, Oksana and I have a rather small apartment with very limited storage space. Until we "upgrade," we are trying to avoid collecting unnecessary material items.

(Thanks to Alan Degener for pointing out, too, that we'd probably rather not have to write a bunch of Thank You notes after the wedding is over!)

Believe me, we did try out the gift registries, both online and off. Incredibly, we just were not able to find enough items that we needed/wanted to make it worthwhile. We even toyed with the idea of creating a list of things from Costco.com (which would have saved y'all a TON of money -- they really jack up the prices for the gift registries, you know!) but eventually abandoned that idea, too. Since they don't offer a registry service, it would be up to us to insure that people don't order the same gifts -- and we just don't have the time to do that!

So, in closing, we want to make it clear that you are under no obligations (moral, ethical, or otherwise!) to buy us a wedding gift. If that is simply unacceptable to you and you must get us something, we ask that you try avoiding household items and ornamentations (See the second and third reasons above!) Oh, I know I pretty much eliminated every traditional wedding gift there, but now you get to be creative, okay?